2017/18 Programme

All meetings are on Thursday evenings apart from the Saturday Day School.

They will be held at the Dorford Centre, Bridport Road, Dorchester unless otherwise stated.

Evening talks will commence at 7.30pm.

It is possible that meetings may be cancelled or modified especially in the case of bad weather. We will endeavour to update this web page with the latest available information.

Thursday September 28
Bruce Upton - Lewd Witches and Loose Living Fellows
We shall be looking at everyday life in Dorset in the 1600's from the perspective of the Magistrates. People thought England was going to the dogs in a stew of drunkenness, sexual shenanigans, trouble with apprentices and much, much more! Come and discover how Magistrates tried to enforce the law and order four hundred years ago

Thursday October 19
Peter Bellamy. Dorchester's Roman Defences

Our President will talk about his recent work on the Town Defences of Durnovaria

Thursday November 30
Jeremy Pope - The Life and Times of Eldridge Pope
This talk will focus on the Company's foundation and the contribution of Alfred Pope, the speaker's grandfather, to the development both of the Company and of Dorchester during the latter part of the 19th Century.

Thursday January 25
Peter Preen - Lawrence of Arabia and Dorset
This lecture will cover Lawrence's childhood,how he discovered Arabia and found a love for the Arab people. It will touch on his in the 1st World War and at the Peace conferences. It will examine his celebrity status and, lastly, look at how this Welshman came to Dorset, found his cherished Clouds Hill, and later came to die here.

Thursday February 22
David Taylor - Dorchester's Hidden Cellars and Tunnels
We shall be viewing photographs of hidden Dorchester and be shown a film underlining the town's importance within the area revealing aspects of Dorchester unknown to most of its residents.

Thursday March 29
Christopher Jary -  Dorset Heroes of World War 11
Based on research undertaken for his book on the subject the speaker will concentrate on the winners of bravery awards from The Dorset Regiment or , as he says, some of them - with a personal family based digression!

Thursday April 26
Lilian Ladle - Druce Farm Roman Villa
The most recently excavated Roman villa in the county has revealed three ranges of buildings which were in use over 400 years consisting of a stylish domestic range with mosaic floors and frescoes walls, a high class aisled hall and a separate workroom all built to an exemplary standard.

Saturday May 12th

Day School - Aspects of Late Iron Age and Roman Dorchester

Speakers will cover a range of topics from the end of the Iron Age into the Roman Period and the Development of Durnovaria.

For all enquiries and tickets please contact Michael Rice hon.sec@dorchester-association.org.uk

Thursday May 31
Rob Curtis - Turnpikes and Dorset's Coaching Days
This talk will outline the development of cross country thoroughfares from rough tracks to turnpike roads. How did these operate? How were coaches designed? What was it like to be a passenger? What of the horses that provided the power and the coaching inns which serviced them? And what of their eventual decline.