2018/19 Programme

All meetings are on Thursday evenings apart from the Saturday Day Schools.

They will be held at the Dorford Centre, Bridport Road, Dorchester unless otherwise stated.

Evening talks will commence at 7.30pm.

It is possible that meetings may be cancelled or modified especially in the case of bad weather. We will endeavour to update this web page with the latest available information.


Thursday September 27th  - Sir Walter Raleigh and Sherborne Castle - Sue Morse 

This lecture will tell of Sir Walter Raleigh and Sherborne Castle in its early days and its later ownership by the Digby family.


Saturday September 29th - Guided walk around mediaeval Weymouth led by James and Pauline Crump.

Meet at 2pm between The Boot Inn and the Old Council Office site. The towns of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis are interesting examples of mediaeval planned towns, with the C13th street pattern unchanged, especially on the Melcombe side. This historical stroll will emphasise the mediaeval origins of the towns,but also touches on major historical events, (Black Death, Civil War etc), on architecture across five centuries, local industries and good stories, some of which are even true!


Thursday October 25th  - A.G.M. At 7.15pm followed at 7.30pm by The Reverend John White of Dorchester - David Cuckson

In the early years of the 17th century the Reverend John White had an impact, not only on the life of our Dorchester, he left an even greater and longer-lasting legacy in the new world. Organising groups to emigrate to Massachusetts Bay in New England and to establish new communities following his Puritan ideals. This talk celebrates John White as founder of Massachusetts!


Thursday November 29th - Dorchesters Borough Gardens and their environs - Brian Bates

The gardens are an excellent example of Victorian civic pride. They have a rich history which will be described in the talk, ranging from entertainment to murder. We will peek through the windows at the level of those who lived in the villas surrounding the gardens in the early 20th century.



Thursday January 31st  - Vile Ministers and Poor Silly Creatures - Bruce Upton

Bruce Upton returns to continue his tales from the archives, giving a glimpse of Dorset life in past centuries.

Thursday February 28th  - Badbury Rings and the Durotriges - Martin Papworth

This lecture will be looking at the prehistoric and Roman archaeology of the Kingston Lacy estate and neighbouring lands. National Trust archaeologist Martin Papworth will narrate his interpretation of the evidence to tell the story of Dorset’s earliest named people, from 100 BC to AD 600.

Thursday March 28th  - Dorsets Victoria Crosses - Kevin Patience

The stories behind nineteen men connected with Dorset, who were awarded Great Britain’s highest military decoration for valour and the myth behind a small bronze Maltese cross.

Thursday April 25th  - Lyme Regis museum - David Tucker

A look at the latest developments at the museum and it's collections.

Thursday May 30th  - Dorchesters Shire Hall - Anna Bright

The story of Dorchester's latest museum.

Saturday June 1st  - D-Day Dorset Day School

2019 is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The day school will look at Dorset's part in this and the run-up to it. Details will be announced once tickets are available by early 2019.

Thursday September 26thDorchester – Rob Curtis

Dorchester, the story from Roman beginnings through to today.

 Saturday October 5thPrehistoric Dorchester Day School

An examination of what was happening from the Mesolithic to the end of the Iron Age, based on what is left above and below the ground. Details will be announced once tickets are available in the Spring of 2019.


You may register your interest in the day schools by contacting Michael Rice hon.sec@dorchester-association.co.uk  or by phone 07780992799.